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We are a company providing a wide range of maintenance and many other services.

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We work to ensure people’s comfort and provide the fastest services at our best.

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We have been working for years to improve our skills, to expand the spheres of our work.

About Intero

We Build for Your Comfort

Under our new and innovative brand, our team of skilled professionals and managers possess over ten years of comprehensive experience in facilities services and related fields. we provide both hard and soft services for all range of commercial, industrial, and domestic spheres, with a special knowledge as relates to the commercial and industrial fields.

Why us?
In Dubai and other business-critical markets, economy leaders have proven that one of the key ingredients to success is an efficient and well-run facility. This can be a challenging proposal, however, with ever-evolving technologies and business practices related to an expanding awareness in environmental and health awareness on a global scale. Our team possesses both the experience and the commitment to quality of service that is required to make the dream of a top-notch facility a reality for you.

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Our Special Services

Intero has 10+ years of experience with providing wide area of specialty services works listed below.

Hard Services

We have experience in Installations, Operations and Maintenance of HVAC, Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Systems for residential and commercial buildings, as well as, for industrial facilities & Specialized services.

Soft Services

All our systems and processes in Soft Services are designed to achieve the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness through Innovative approaches and integration of trained resources, state of art equipments, eco friendly cleaning products and proven processes.

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Our Skills

Professional Main Services

Intero has 10+ years of experience with providing wide area of specialty services works listed below.

10+ years experience

Installations & Maintenance

Seamless performances of equipments and installations are highly important and critical to the business environment . Intero ensures that a robust process and system is designed considering Efficiency, Health, Safety and Environment, Risk management and cost benefits to the facility.

10+ years experience

Janitorial Services

Our company’s growth is determined by the level of trust our customers have on our services in UAE. Our endeavour is to capitalize on this trust and provide high end services. It is our dedication and attention to detail service that sets us apart from other service providers in the market.

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